Shell Nigeria operates a number of different properties in Lagos for expats - approximately 5 compounds.  Most of these are apartment blocks (flats). All are leased, some are occupied in their entirety by Shell and others are shared compounds. Most have a tennis or squash court, a small gym/fitness center, a pool and some kind of recreational, multi-purpose function space as well as a sand-park/play space for children. Some of the newer compounds have space for small bikes or scooters as well as an extra storage unit. Some have covered parking.

Most flats are provided with refrigerator/freezer, washing machine and dryer, as well as a cooker ("white goods").  Some may also include dishwashers and microwaves.  All of these appliances and much more are available for purchase locally at reasonable prices and with warranty options. 

All of the compounds also have space for one employee/domestic staff (driver, nanny, or maid) which is inside the walls of the compounds or attached but not necessarily inside your home.

School buses serve various compounds.  Please contact HR services or Outpost if you have school age children.

For information on how housing is defined and allocated please contact Shell Nigeria HR.

Photographs from all the residences can be found on the Gallery Page.


Medical Services

Shell employees in Lagos who are Cigna members and their dependents have a choice of 4 medical suppliers in the Lagos area. At all these providers a Cigna Card must be shown before treatment and this should be obtained before arriving in Lagos. As always, it's best to bring critical prescriptions for you or your children when first arriving in Lagos.

Freeman House Shell Clinic

0807 026 5553

0807 026 5550

122 internal lines


Lagoon Hospital, Apapa

01 870 7011

Lagoon Clinic, Victoria Island 

01 628 3812


The Reddington Hospital

01 271 5342

0803 327 1538



For information relating to malaria or other health concerns in Lagos please speak to your local doctor or contact the Shell Medical Centre in your location.



There are a number of schools in Lagos that cater to a wide variety of curriculums, including American, British, Dutch, French, Italian, Indian and Lebanese.   Most of these schools are well equipped with all the necessary educational and recreational facilities, including science labs, computer rooms, music rooms, gyms, soccer/baseball fields, swimming pool, and tennis courts. 

Some of the more popular schools selected by Shell parents are:

American International School Lagos         

St. SavioursPrimary School                

British International School              

The Netherlands International School                

French School

Click on the school above to be taken to that schools own web page.

Shell does not limit parental choice relating to schooling in Lagos but the company has priority allocation places at St Saviours School and The American International School Lagos.

If you would like to speak to a parent whose child attends one of the schools above contact the Outpost Lagos Office on  

What to Bring

Most schools in Lagos have a school uniform policy.  It is worth asking the school about this as it may be easier to bring the required garments with you.  In addition several run sports programes at the weekend.  You may want to ask what equipment might be useful eg football boots, shin pads, baseball gloves, etc. …

Busing of Children to School

Company sponsored busing of children to school is not a requirement, however at this time the company provides buses to the following schools: 

*    American International School Lagos

*    British International School

*    The Netherlands School

*    French School

The current practice of busing children is evaluated on a regular basis and parents should consider that it may be discontinued at some future point.


Pre-School in Lagos

There are a number of good pre-schools/creche programs used by expatriate staff in Lagos.  A list is available on request from Outpost who can also put you in touch with parents who have children of a similar age. The American School now offers a pre-K program for 3 and 4 year olds as does the Dutch School. The American Play Center on Ikoyi offers preference to American citizens. These schools are often oversubscribed and it is worth making contact as soon as you know you are moving.


Outpost Lagos

Office hours: Tuesday : 10:00am - 12:00pm
Languages: English
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